“human knight” too classic of archetype to ignore?

(color-based for distinct atmospheres)

snow / white (lol)

  • ancient civilization escaped flood by climbing, found magic, must protect source
  • “classic” magic
  • white beards (females too lol)
  • scared to come down

sewer / black

  • swampy goo/tar eats away self-control, hivemind, seemingly intentless violence
  • mind control

lava / red & orange

  • mother nature scorned, cleanse planet, etc
  • geomancy
  • internal conflict (don’t want to need each other but they do)

sand / yellow & silver

water / blue

  • those killed by the flood, mostly human ghosts, envious of life
  • death magic / sirens, banshees, etc

forest / green

  • scouting/scrying/prediction
  • trap enemies in mazes
  • rabbit-like elves (unplanned ff11 fran imagery)

10 units, each with upgrades

4 / 3 / 2 / 1


  • basic units: mage, elemental (morphs to element of spells cast nearby), yeti,
  • advanced: spellblade,
  • elite: thunderbird/venti,
  • hero: bird-riding caster / lausks


  • zombie, hellhound, dziwozona, ranged?
  • caladrius/dhalion, (slime) hydra, jorogumo
  • erinyes (slime wings/harpy-esque?),
  • pristine-victorian-era-hbic, sewer goo doesn’t leave a spot


  • fire golem (ranged), earth golem (melee), floating sword, floating shield
  • geomancer,
  • phoenix, obsidian golem
  • python


  • mummy, illusionist, stymphalian bird,
  • embalmer/priest (ibu/canopic jars),
  • sphinx, pharaoh
  • cleo (mechanical snakes, medusa-esque?)


  • ghost/revenant/wraith, will-o-the-wisp, charon, manananggal (ranged)
  • siren, cetea, ichthyocentaur
  • banshee, leviathan
  • charybdis


  • archer, scry, tamer, mandrake
  • basilisk, faun/satyr
  • -
  • -

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